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N. Lacroix Plumbing and Heating is a reliable and memorable company to do business with because it’s not the scope of products and services it provides, it’s how they provide them. With a well-educated and knowledgeable staff, Lacroix consistently delivers on its 60-year-old tradition of understanding just what the customer needs, then giving it to them with undeviating quality workmanship in a timely fashion. Lacroix mostly services the commercial business sector, but we remain true to our industrial roots and happily cater to residential homeowners and their household plumbing and heating needs.

If you’re a homeowner, don’t be intimidated by Lacroix’s association with industrial and commercial sectors. We service residential accounts all the time. After all, the founder of the company, Noel Lacroix, lives in a house too. He knows what comes up.

N. Lacroix plumbing and heating has branched out into sheet metal fabrication to provide for new construction heating and cooling and to replace old existing ducts and any other custom sheet metal needs. With Lacroix’s strong HVAC engineering background, they can design and build your heating and cooling system to the exact specifications.

N. Lacroix is also your design and build specialist. Their team of engineers works with teams of contractors to bring about solid, reliable structures that maintain their climate control integrity. Lacroix’s design work is amplified by the recent acquisition of a computerized plasma cutter for fabricating ductwork. Measurements are exact and manufacturing specs are perfect every time.

Attention to detail is a major, key factor in the success of every project that N. Lacroix handles. Peter Lacroix often mentions that “The way I ask the guys to work is that everything has to be a showpiece when it’s finished. All the guys that work for me, they all have pride in their work and they know I expect the best.”

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