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About Our Company

N. Lacroix Plumbing and Heating was established in 1947 by family patriarch Noel Lacroix. His small outfit originally focused on installing water-based heating and cooling systems in schools throughout northern Ontario. As the Timmins area developed, Noel’s company was there, providing essential plumbing and heating services to new homeowners and businesses.

Noel’s sons Bernie and Rick and his son in law Gerry were brought into the business and when Noel retired, his boys took over the reins. A major move on their part involved the purchase of a sheet metal company called L’Ecuyer Tin Shop in the early 1980s. This allowed the company to fabricate its own metal products for HVAC systems and opened the door for growth in mechanical contracting. Since Timmins was up and coming as a major hub in northern Ontario, there was work to be had and expansions to be made.

Today, Noel’s grandson Pierre (Peter) Lacroix operates the family business. He had been involved in the company since he was twelve years old, helping out at job sites after school. As Peter himself has observed, “I was born and raised in this business.”

N. Lacroix Plumbing and Heating has come a long way since the days of water-based heating and cooling systems. The company now employs 23 full-time staffers and that amount seems like it’s going to go up in the immediate future because the Lacroix reputation keeps bringing in new work. Present-day services now include plumbing, hydronics, heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, and sheet metal fabrication. With such a broad array of production venues, Peter Lacroix has estimated that the company’s customer breakdown is roughly 20% from the industrial sector, 60% from the commercial sector, and 20% residential.

Thanks to a community improvement city grant, Lacroix has refreshed and refurbished the exterior of their building, while adding an extension to their shop to house new fabricating tools and the broadening logistics involved. When asked why the family-owned company enjoys such overwhelming success, Peter is matter-of-fact.

“Teamwork helps us to accomplish any project while meeting deadlines and sticking to schedules.” He added, “I hire quality, hard-working people as employees, and I want to make sure they are satisfied and happy to work here so they stay and continue to be part of the team.” With sound, level-headed practices such as these, N. Lacroix is able to learn and grow and stay strong in their field. It surely paid off. In 2008, the company won the Nova Award for the best company in the six to 49 employees category. There’s little doubt that N. Lacroix Plumbing and Heating will continue to grow as one of the best mechanical companies in the region.

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